Mobile networks benchmark Mobile networks in Serbia

2018 benchmark

Mobile network benchmarking

The Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (RATEL) is responsible for state strategy and policies in the field of electronic communications and postal services in the Republic of Serbia. It also assures highest Quality of Service standards by enforcing country-wide coverage of mobile services and their continued improvement of performance.
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Detailed Information

Measurements were conducted in a manner that is statistically valid, repeatable, technically consistent and providing absolute comparability of KPIs for all networks and technologies. All KPIs measured in tests are defined in ETSI standards (ETSI TS 102 250-2) and ITU recommendations.
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Scoring methodology

The scoring methodology was developed for assessing user perception of voice, data and video services after the benchmarking measurements, with the purpose of assessing the ranking of the measured mobile network operators.
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User guide

Interactive portal was created to let anyone interested obtain information about mobile network benchmarks in Serbia.
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